Condon Urges Verner Veto of Water Rate Increase

September 21st, 2011

Mayoral Candidate David Condon today called on Mayor Mary Verner to veto the water rate increase passed last week by the City Council.

“Families should not have to pay higher water bills so that city workers can get ten percent pay hikes,” Condon said.

“The Council passed a sixteen percent rate hike last week and is planning on continual rate increases for the next five years. There is absolutely no reason to put this burden on Spokane families,” Condon said.

“Verner should show some leadership,” Condon said. “She has let the bureaucrats at city hall set the agenda and her passivity is costing ratepayers and taxpayers too much.”

Last year, the city adopted a tiered rate plan to penalize households that watered their lawns. This year they raised the rates across the board.

“Everyone else is having to tighten their belts except the crowd at city hall,” Condon said. “The worst thing is, raising money this way is regressive, hurting the poorest families the most. Verner should veto it and look at cutting costs at the water department instead.”